Saturday, January 29, 2005

Last Band Trat Copy

Here is the back tray. I guess we can start by changing the date to 2008. We need to let people know we have a DVD inside, so that will need to be on the spine and on the front somewhere. Live CD + Bonus DVD! something like that!

Here is the info that needs to be inside:
Brian Parrish - Interviews / cover graphics
Bobby Flores - DVD Editing "Last Band at Taco Land" / Photographs
Jonathan Stevens - DVD live footage
Tina Berkley - DVD Taco Land Tour
Rick Martinez - General DVD Salvage Manager, Editor
Hillary Webb - Photographs
Justin Parr - Photographs
John Whipple - General Project Salvage Manager
Michael Karshis - General Graphics Salvage Manager
Eugene Ng - On Site Production Engineer and Logistics Coordinator
Jaime Lagueruela - Production Liason and Happiness director.
Roland De La Cruz - CD Post Production, Editing, Salvage Manager.

CD recorded live at Taco Land. 103 W. Grayson St. San Antonio Texas 78212
with Mitch Webb, Joe Reyes, Dave Wasson, Odie and Sal Guajardo.

Special Thanks to all the Swindles who played Taco Land with us over the years.
John Aeslin, Bart Nichols, Lloyd Herrman, Paul Ward,


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