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JANUARY 23, 2008



HEADLINE:            The Naked Juice advantage, as clear as we can be.
A. SUBHEAD:            Naked Juice is growing nearly three times as fast as the category.
COPY:            The super premium juice category is up +7.9% vs YAG (IRI 52 weeks ending 1/13/08), yet in the same period, total dollar sales of Naked Juice grew +22%.

The Naked Juice brand is on fire with health-minded consumers. They’re hearing our mantra of Nothing To Hide:
No added sugar
                                    No preservatives, ever
                                    A pound of the best bare-naked fruit in every bottle
                                    Super healthy boosts
                                    A bottle, a lid and that’s it
                        And they’re buying it.

B. SUBHEAD:            We say we have Nothing To Hide and boy do we back it up.
COPY:            Look at the back label of any Naked Juice. There’s the story, plain and simple. The fruit, the boosts. Everything, spelled out. When consumers know exactly what they’re getting, they tend to get more of it.
C. SUBHEAD:            Another year of not standing still.
COPY:            For 2008, innovation will play a key role in the success of the Naked Juice brand:
D. SUBHEAD:            Introducing new Naked Juice Breeze.
COPY:            Light and heavy Naked Juice users told us they loved this brand new product offering, which pairs unique fruit combinations – watermelon and lime, white peach and mangosteen – with a crisp, refreshing, highly drinkable texture.
                        Not only did they approve, they pointed out two very important points:
1.     They viewed naked Juice Breeze as an addition to their current Naked Juice purchases, not a substitution.

2.     They considered naked Juice Breeze as an alternative to other Light Refreshing Beverages such as Snapple, Vitamin Water, etc.

Naked Juice Breeze refreshes mind, body and cash register.


E. SUBHEAD:            Making the Protein Zone family even stronger.

COPY:            Dollar sales of original Protein Zone are up 22.7% vs YAG (YTD ending December 30, 2007), which is more than double overall category growth of +8.4% vs YAG (YTD ending December 30, 2007). And we’re adding to the family, beginning with new Naked Juice Protein Zone Chocolate Banana:
• 30 grams of whey and soy protein per bottle (up to 10 grams more than competing chocolate flavored protein products)
• smooth, satisfying chocolate banana flavor
• no added sugar (by the way, the competition’s “organic evaporated cane juice” is just another way of saying “sugar”)
• no preservatives, ever           





HEADLINE:            A pound of fruit and a ton of profit. Have a look inside Naked Juice.





HEADLINE:            25 years ago in Southern California, the first Naked Juice was made

With a pound of fruit and no added sugar or preservatives
Today, it’s the same – real fruit, healthy boosts, a bottle, lid and that’s it
We have nothing to hide, which is why so many consumers seek us out


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