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Holly Jolly


Let it snow, grab a glass of Christmas Cheer and enjoy: A Holly Jolly Mystery Stream.



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Luca Looks

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World Class Fan

Commissioned Shane Whitefield piece. Working size: 5'w x 3'h x 2"d Backlit duratrans shadowbox.

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The idea here is to present a visual biography featuring each one of the amazing Beatles.

The postmaks will be from Liverpool and London, the old paper backgrounds will be hand written Beatles lyrics.

Other tangable items included with the archive photos will be Beatles buttons, concert tickets and posters, newspaper clippings, etc., basically, any other cool ephemeral items we can find that help reinforce the individual persoalities of the Fab 4.

And dig this:

Los Beatles Reissue

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

HMK Bio Soul Doubt

Born in 1961, H. Michael Karshis, (the H is for Henry) lives and works as an artist and graphic designer in San Antonio, Texas. Primarily working with collaged rescued ephemera, found objects and large-scale photography, Karshis’s oeuvre includes prints and audio experimentation. His work manipulates sardonic hypepbolic word play and is fueled by his passion for typography, scientific illustrations, maps and diagrams exploring their ritualistic forms of use in pop cuture and packaging. His work was once described as choriographed chaos and is often charged with double entendres while using visual metaphors as both equal parts propaganda and pun. Each hanging piece comes complete with it’s own soundtrack, (also known as HMK Mystery Streams, AKA Irregular Frequency) juxtaposing hand selected samples of sound and audio with the imagery.


Redbone Guitar Boutique Ad Copy

50% OFF!! (in Headline)
All Unk and DiPinto Guitars are 50% OFF! For the original style of Eddie Van Halen to the vintage surf rock sound, Unk and DiPinto Guitars are truly great choices.
Come by the store, give us a ring, or go to to check out out what we have in stock!

The second thing is, we need a new ad for the San Antonio Kids Directory. We will be doing a 1/4 pg vertical ad, 2.3" x 3.5", full color.

Something similar to the last one is fine. Some words need to be changed/added though.
- Call now to reserve your child's spot on our schedule.
- Classes available include: Guitar, Bass, Piano/Keyboard, and Drums
- "Also opening soon, T Street Rock School..."
- Bring this ad in for a 10% discount on a purchase of 8 music lessons.

B&W, 4.95 x 5.3
Take off all guitar brand names

UNBEATABLE PRICES! (At the top, where the main headline usually is, in the stamp style font.)
Great Gift Ideas for the Beginner or Professional musician in your family. Come check out our wide selection of Beginner Guitar Packs, Childrens Guitars, Unique Fender Shirts, Shoes, and Merchandise. You'll be sure to find something for every musician in your life! (Right underneath the "Unbeatable Prices" headline)

GUITARS! GUITARS! GUITARS! (Toward the bottom of the ad)

We also want to make it look like winter-y or Christmas-ish. Maybe add some kind of picture, maybe a snowflake or something cheesy like that. Let me know if you have any questions.

300 dpi

SA Current:
300 dpi

Redbone Guitar Boutique Ad Copy

MYTHS (Michael):


Myth: Atkins force-feeds you bacon and cheese.


This is the new Atkins – a focus on lean protein, good fats, vegetable, whole grains and yes, even fruit. You can eat this way with your family, at work, in a restaurant. Everywhere. And you can lose up to 15 pounds in the first two weeks. That’s no myth. That’s sweet sexy science.


Atkins is the only major diet that lets us set your goals, plan your meals, count your carbs and succeed – absolutely free. Visit to get started now.
The top headline should say "Rock In the New Year at Redbone!"

Undearneath that, it should say "Did you make a New Years resolution to learn to play an instrument? T Street Music Instruction, inside Redbone Guitar Boutique, offers lessons in Guitar, Bass, Piano/Keyboard, and Drums. Our instructors teach at any level, whether you're a beginner, professional, or anywhere in between. Please contact us for more details, regarding Pricing, Scheduling a Lesson, Discounts, or any other questions."

Below that, I want to say, "Redbone Guitar Boutique also offers a wide selection of beginner instruments at a reasonable price. Whether it be picks, a strap, or just strings, we have everything you'll ever need to Rock In the New Year!"
At the bottom, if there is room, we can still keep GUITARS! GUITARS! GUITARS!

Is that still too many words? Send me a copy of what it'll look like with the words condensed. if it looks too bad, then I'll take take even MORE words out. Thanks!

Friday, September 21, 2007

St. Mary's Street Project

Existing Structure.

Structure without façade painting.

The Mermaid

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Hawaiiabera Back Drop 6'x4'

Brought to you by the ever inventive minds at the Aloha Señor Clothing Company, we are proud to introduce the Hawaiiabera®. Dress ‘em up with khaki pants or wear it loose over board shorts. The Hawaiiabera will be the hardest working shirt in your wardrobe. You can’t go wrong with the stylin’ pleats, killer prints and hand-made craftsmanship. Your Hawaiiabera will serve you faithfully for years to come.

Mahalo – El Grande Kahuna


That’s the copy for the poster. Cool.

Thanks fella,


Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Here's the look for the backdrops and web - I'm thinking that the only use of color will be the awesome Hawaiiabera shirts and merch. The product will pop nicely from the decidedly masculine, chillout-brown/black pallet. What do you think?

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Last Band At Taco Land DVD Navigation

Compiled using existing art work from dvd cover art.

The glows/drop shadows on the main titles appear on both roll over and toggle.
Joe, Mitch and Dave names float and yellow bar appears on both roll over and toggle.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Los #3 Dinners: Loud!

No Mas Eminem!

Sir Jack: "Are we done?"

My Name Is Devo


No, I'm not with Hawaii Five-O anymore.

Jake it's Monday, you have to go to work!

I don't care what that Alamo Heights girl says...

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