Tuesday, October 2, 2007

HMK Bio Soul Doubt

Born in 1961, H. Michael Karshis, (the H is for Henry) lives and works as an artist and graphic designer in San Antonio, Texas. Primarily working with collaged rescued ephemera, found objects and large-scale photography, Karshis’s oeuvre includes prints and audio experimentation. His work manipulates sardonic hypepbolic word play and is fueled by his passion for typography, scientific illustrations, maps and diagrams exploring their ritualistic forms of use in pop cuture and packaging. His work was once described as choriographed chaos and is often charged with double entendres while using visual metaphors as both equal parts propaganda and pun. Each hanging piece comes complete with it’s own soundtrack, (also known as HMK Mystery Streams, AKA Irregular Frequency) juxtaposing hand selected samples of sound and audio with the imagery.


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