Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Redbone Guitar Boutique Ad Copy

50% OFF!! (in Headline)
All Unk and DiPinto Guitars are 50% OFF! For the original style of Eddie Van Halen to the vintage surf rock sound, Unk and DiPinto Guitars are truly great choices.
Come by the store, give us a ring, or go to www.redboneguitar.com to check out out what we have in stock!

The second thing is, we need a new ad for the San Antonio Kids Directory. We will be doing a 1/4 pg vertical ad, 2.3" x 3.5", full color.

Something similar to the last one is fine. Some words need to be changed/added though.
- Call now to reserve your child's spot on our schedule.
- Classes available include: Guitar, Bass, Piano/Keyboard, and Drums
- "Also opening soon, T Street Rock School..."
- Bring this ad in for a 10% discount on a purchase of 8 music lessons.

B&W, 4.95 x 5.3
Take off all guitar brand names

UNBEATABLE PRICES! (At the top, where the main headline usually is, in the stamp style font.)
Great Gift Ideas for the Beginner or Professional musician in your family. Come check out our wide selection of Beginner Guitar Packs, Childrens Guitars, Unique Fender Shirts, Shoes, and Merchandise. You'll be sure to find something for every musician in your life! (Right underneath the "Unbeatable Prices" headline)

GUITARS! GUITARS! GUITARS! (Toward the bottom of the ad)

We also want to make it look like winter-y or Christmas-ish. Maybe add some kind of picture, maybe a snowflake or something cheesy like that. Let me know if you have any questions.

300 dpi

SA Current:
300 dpi

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